Triple ‘A’ International Company Limited 

Let’s Build
Your Dream Together

We Provide Cost Effective Constructional Solutions.

Our arrays of services in the construction industry include but not limited to the following:

  • Architectural Design
  • Property Development/ Management (Private Housing, Commercial Centers e.g. Airports, Banks, Hotels, Ware House etc., Institution e.g. Schools, Hostels, Library etc. Community Project e.g. Town Halls among others)
  • Civil Works (Drainages, Roads, Bridges etc.)
  • Estate Development & Maintenance.
  •  Telecommunication Installation (e.g. Mast)
  •  Water Supply & Engineering (e.g. Dredging of Bore holes for private & public clients)
  •  Electrical and Mechanical Installation
  •  Rural Electrification
  •  Project monitoring & Management


There are so many aspects of construction that requires carefully planning and managing.
We offer both the structural and architectural plans require to make your dream building or estate become a reality. We make sure building services are implemented in the planning right from the start of the project.
We also go as far as handling the mechanical and electrical planning of the project to make sure you are getting the best result on your budget.
Meeting our clients demand is always our number one priority


In Real Estate, Construction basically entails overseeing planning, development, and execution of construction plans in a particular location or building.

Here at TRIPLE A GROUPS, we are more than just a company.
We are the partner that ride with you all through the planning and design phase till the commissioning of the project. We are able to provide state of the art construction services that is sure to guarantee you maximum and solid durability of the estate and building.